Used Parts Buying Guide

It’s such a hassle when you learn from your mechanic that one of your car’s parts need to be replaced ASAP. Not only because it’s (usually) an unexpected expense on your part, but because you know that your wallet is in for some beating once you ask dealerships and authorised car parts shops about the price of the auto parts you need. A lot of those parts are sold with bigger markups simply because most consumers don’t know any better. So if you don’t want to be one of them, you should know what it takes to be a smarter Aussie auto parts buyer.

The key to being that wise and frugal buyer, is to opt for quality used auto parts. As experts in the business, believe us when we say that buying those ‘like new’ auto parts online or offline will surely surprise you. So if you do want to be a buyer who scores top quality replacement car parts at the best prices available, then, we’re happy to share with you some expert tips to guide you in buying used car parts:

Know exactly what you’re looking for.


Research what particular type and size of car part you EXACTLY need. We somehow felt the need to stress that because we don’t want you to end up wasting your time, effort, and money. Rummaging through the stocks of cheap auto spares suppliers could take some time, especially if you’re going to a self-service car junkyard. Thus, if you happen to be looking for the wrong car part, then you’ll end up being so frustrated because you’d have to go back and do the whole process again. So research or consult with your trusted mechanic to be 101% sure about the part that you need.

Scout all sources.


A smart buyer is one that considers all his or her options. Thus, it is but essential to search all the suppliers of used auto parts – that includes private sellers, mates and colleagues, acquaintances from car groups and forums, social media sellers, offlline and online auto parts shops, and auto wreckers.

Go there in person to check out the item.


Because you are dealing with a used or second hand item, it is always best to inspect and check it out personally. If possible, you could also bring the old part with you so you could compare it side-by-side to the one they’re selling. In that way, you could be assured that it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Another good thing about this is, by going there personally, you’d be able to gauge how much of a legitimate business they are. You will witness how many customers patronise their used car parts for sale. Those things will make you more at peace with your decision.

Test and fit, if possible.


If they’ll allow you to, try and see if it fits your vehicle. Sometimes, not just because it looks the same, that means it’ll fit perfectly. If you are unfortunately dealing with a sketchy used car parts seller, you won’t know if what they’re selling is legit and quality unless you try it out.

Compare prices and haggle!


You will only be able to compare prices if you have actually enquired at a number of offline and online auto parts suppliers. Also, when comparing, make sure that also take into account the condition and quality of the part. Also, if you’re really determined to get the best price possible, then don’t be afraid to haggle for more discounts. Make sure to do it with courtesy and reason, of course. Instead of asking them to sell the part in a cheap price that’s out-of-this-world lower, tell them about the price offer you have gotten from the other suppliers. In that way, they’ll try their best to match it or even beat it with an even lower price.

Buying used auto parts for your baby shouldn’t be a pain. Just follow all these tips and trust your own instincts, then you’ll surely get the hang of it – especially when you realise how much money you have really saved. Better yet, get a more fun and rewarding used car part buying experience by choosing Advance Auto Parts. We have been in this business for more than two decades now. And we are always eager to help you with your car parts needs. By choosing us, you’ll definitely be that wiser car parts buyer you want to be.

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