If there are two things that any car owner wouldn’t want to experience, it’s having a blown engine or ruined transmission. These car problems are not only threat to the mere useful existence of your car, but it also can cause a big dent on your wallet.

Now if you have confirmed that your car has got grinding gears or a slipping transmission, you’ve got one important decision to make: have it fixed or simply buy a replacement. After all the pros and cons that you have to consider, there is one good option you can choose to go with. Buy a quality used transmission. It is a less stressful and technically a cheaper road to take.

And because almost everything now is sold online, you are thinking, can you consider buying such an important component of your car via the internet? Sure you can find all kinds, brands, and varieties of auto parts online. But would that be safe and just the same as buying it from a physical store?

As one of the leading auto parts supplier in Melbourne, we are here to provide you with some simple tips so you could successfully score a good used transmission from car spare parts shops, just like us – Advance Auto Parts.

  1. Do your homework.

Like what we always say, when it comes to fixing or replacing something in your car, it is important that you know exactly what you’re getting into. So, read up. Don’t just simply browse on the available used transmission components you can get online. Read up on reviews, forums, and blogs about it. After feeding yourself with such knowledge, it’s also best if you ask around for advice from your car expert friends and relatives. If possible, let them take a look at the transmission issues you are facing, and then get their opinion. Ask what they would do if they were in the same situation. Opt for local car parts suppliers in your area. Because it is such a big and heavy auto part, you can save yourself from paying hefty shipping costs.

  1. Seek help from your trusted mechanic.

If you reckon the advice from your car enthusiast mates won’t cut it, don’t hesitate to bring in professional help. Again, have your trusted mechanic double-check the transmission issues. Take note of the details of the transmission system you have to buy. It’s not enough that you just know whether you need an automatic or manual transmission. The online shops will need to ask you several questions like the what make and year model of car you have, the type and size of your engine, if your vehicle is 4WD or not, and more. You may also ask your mechanic for suggested online stores that offer quality yet cheap spare parts, especially if this is your first time.

  1. Don’t ever forget to ask for good warranty.

Now regardless if you choose an online auto parts shop or an auto salvage company to buy a used transmission from, that business should be able to give you a warranty. It is better to be sure and safe than sorry, right? Much more if you are buying online and you are not really physically present to inspect the item you’re buying; a good warranty is your only protection from any untoward incident that might happen on the used transmission you have chosen to buy. And as an expert tip, we suggest that you request for extended warranty as well as labour coverage. It is totally your right to get such protection.

Buying a used transmission or even any kind of car part online can sometimes be scary. But when you are armed with proper education and experience, and if you smartly choose the right business to deal with, there’s are slimmer chances of you getting scammed or ripped off.

And if you want the best option yet, look no further and choose Advance Auto Parts. We have a wide range of top-quality used transmission as well as other car parts and consumables. Speak with our friendly and dependable staff so we could immediately provide for your car repair and maintenance needs. Dial 0476444222 now!