Unfortunately, another often neglected and overlooked system in our cars is the brake system. Too bad, most car owners and drivers only notice it when serious issues arise. And one of the main reasons why happen is because owners lack the knowledge on the symptoms of failing brakes, most especially, the brake rotors.

First off, the brake rotors or discs are directly bolted together with the wheel hub. So to illustrate, think of them spinning at the same time as your wheels are turning. Now when you hit the brakes, the calipers push the brake pads against the spinning rotors to slow down and stop your vehicle. Because of the constant friction they get by being directly squeezed with the brake pads, over time, brake rotors will wear off.

As a leading Aussie auto parts supplier that has been in the automotive industry in Melbourne for more than two decades, we want to help you be aware of the signs when your car is telling you that its brake rotors are already due for replacing. As with all auto parts, the sooner you know that there is something wrong, the less headaches and expenses you’ll have to deal with.

Here’s how you can tell if it’s just about time to replace your brake rotors:

When you drive and feel vibrations from your brakes.

If you are driving and you feel there’s some pulsating movement or vibration when you hit the brakes, it can mean that your brake rotors are warped or excessively worn. If you feel it in the steering wheel and your brake pedals, one or two rotors in your front brakes are worn. But if you feel it from seat and pedals, then it’s from the rear brake rotors.

When you hear strange noises while hitting your brakes.

Again because of the constant friction, the most common symptom associated with brake rotor problems is noise. So if they are warped and worn, they would most likely produce noticeable noises. If you hear squealing or high-pitched noises, it may be because your brake rotors are no longer perfectly flat or even your brake pads are already worn. But if what you hear are grinding or growling sounds, that means they’re severely worn out. It is a clear sign for trouble as the discs are really close to breaking.

When you see grooves and score marks on the rotor.

The last thing you can do to double-check and verify whether your brake rotors are worn out is to actually do a good sight check on each of them. Because of repeated contact with the brake pads, they could develop scoring marks and grooves on them. And when you have those, the capacity to effectively slow down your vehicle is now lessened. And generally, there’s no way that you see marks on your rotors without feeling and hearing unusual things from your brakes.

Your brake rotors, or simply any part of your braking system for that matter, is a key component because it has a direct impact on your driving and riding safety. So if you’ve got all or any of these warning signs, your immediate attention is definitely needed. There is a specified thickness level and condition for the rotors to work properly. But if you would ignore the signs and delay action, then it’ll become so damaged with unsafe thickness, and the problem will be much worse than you think. Instead of simply getting it fixed, you may have to replace the whole of it already.

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