Top 5 Things to Know About Your Car Before Buying Auto Parts

Even if automobiles are primarily made to be used as our mode of transportation, just like us humans, they also get tired. And no matter how durable your vehicle is according to what your car dealer/agent and car manufacturer has told you, there will come a time when it will simply wear out and deteriorate.
And so whenever we experience those times that we have to fix and maintain our cars, there’s one thing that happen to most (if not all) of us, car owners. With the exception of those car enthusiasts, lovers, and addicts, we usually tend to get overwhelmed with all the things we need to buy, all the hassles we’d have to go through, all the time we have to spare, and of course, all the money that we have to spend. Sometimes, it is really just too compelling and intimidating that we often find ourselves immediately rushing to the nearest auto repair shop or scouring for a nearby auto parts store or automotive store online that sells cheap auto spares.
Though at some point it’s good that you want to address your car’s problem right away; often times it’ll lead to a more serious disaster just because you have rushed too much that you even didn’t think and prepare for it well.
Basically, what we’re saying is this-- being a trusted Aussie auto parts provider for more than two decades, we want you to know that there are some things that you have to know and consider before you actually buy car parts. Advance Auto Parts is here to help you learn about those. We have come up with our own list of the 5 most important must-know things you before you jump into getting auto parts online or offline, here are they:
  • Your car’s current state

Let’s face it. There are still some of us car owners who just know ‘a little’ about our cars. Apart from knowing when to give it a wash and when we need to put more air into the tyres, we know nothing more. More often, we are just forced to get to know them a little better only when our car is already in need of repairing and immediate attention. So before you go buy a car part or have it fixed, determine its current and updated condition. Is that the only part or component that needs replacing? How much is your car’s mileage already? Is it still under warranty? All these questions will help you a lot in determining which kinds of brand new or used car parts you really have to buy.
  • Specific car details

There are lots of owners that head into an auto parts shop without knowing enough details of their cars. Upon arriving, they’d have to go back inside their vehicles and check the manual or some documents inside the trunk simply because they know nothing apart from their car’s make and year model. So do yourselves a favour - check all these before heading straight to a physical or online auto parts supplier. Know your car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), specific code of the part you’re looking for, and the like.
  • The car part’s specific type and price range

If you go to the auto shop knowing these information, you’ll never ever have to face difficulty in finding the part your car exactly needs AND the hassle of paying for an amount that you aren’t prepared for. So again, doing your homework first will go a long way. Every kind of auto part has different kinds and sizes. Know exactly which one you need. Also, compare different prices from different brands and stores. It is also best that you have already come up with a choice before even arriving at the shop; so you won’t be swayed by any kind of marketing or selling strategy.
  • If you or a pro will fix it

Most of the time, if we will be replacing the parts ourselves, it’ll cost us less money. However, that’ll still depend on what kind of work needs to be done with our cars. There have always been cases wherein the repair job ended up worse because the owner forced to do a DIY on it. Moreover, if you have a mechanic that you have been trusting for many years, you can simply ask his help or get his advice on which is the most reasonably priced yet quality car part you can buy.
  • If it’s really worth replacing that car part

Sometimes, owners get blinded by the fact that their cars only need to be fixed. As much as we want to deny it, at one point, we would have to determine when you simply have to forgo all the repairs and just start looking for a new vehicle. Unfortunately, there are still many owners of old and used cars that continue to hope in vain - making themselves spend more on buying car parts and doing repairs than they really should. If you honestly want to save yourself from hassles and more expenses, this is the one thing you should really think about.


After doing your homework, deciding on some things, and getting to know your car a little better, fixing and replacing parts of your car won’t be a hassle anymore. And you know what’s great? Advance Auto Parts is here to make that a lot easier for you! As we have been a trusted and reputable company in the used car parts Melbourne market for 20 long years, we can provide the top quality yet affordable auto parts that you need. Just tell our friendly staff about it, and we’ll simply do the rest.