Recycling, an effort to save natural resources and protect the Earth from further damage, is now commonly practised all over the world. When people hear the word recycling, the most common things that pop into their minds are plastic bottles, tin cans, newspaper, glass containers, and cardboard containers. As everyone tries their very best to reuse and recycle, sadly, there are still some who stubbornly refuse to participate. That even if at the very least it requires them to put food and beverage containers in the right places, they still don’t do it.
But did you know that even industries put their own efforts in recycling? Just like the auto removal and used car parts Melbourne industry. Our main goal here is to reduce the impact of toxic wastes obtained from scrap cars as well as lessen the use of natural resources. And with that mission and advocacy, we want you to know that you, as car owners, you could also help in conserving Mother Nature.
We are not only talking about reducing emissions and cutting down on fuel costs. As experts in the Aussie auto parts business for more than two decades, Advance Auto Parts is here to tell you that you there are certain components of your precious ride that you could recycle. Here are some of them:



It is a known fact that oil filters are one of those car parts that are more often replaced. Now oil filters of course still contain dirty oil in them when you remove it from your engine; thus it is considered as a hazardous waste. They shouldn’t be placed in landfills as they would definitely harm the environment. Hear this: every filter recycled can produce a pound of steel – used for making auto parts and other things. In addition, the dirty oil obtained from the filters can also be collected and made into brand new motor oil.



Well we all know that glass could definitely be recycled. The glass in our car’s windows and windshields are definitely no exceptions. Many years ago, broken glass only end up in landfills because they are so difficult to recycle because of its thick composition. But with today’s advancements in technology, any kind of glass can now be recycled and turned into fiberglass insulations, glass bottles, and more.



If you haven’t known yet, the batteries of our cars contain the most toxic chemicals and substances; more particularly, LEAD. This extremely dangerous chemical should never ever be allowed to go into the earth’s soil or water. So it’s either you dispose it in the right way or have it recycled. Honestly, the second one is faster and simpler. The lead from your batteries may be used to make plastic housings. Recycling batteries are so important that there are some places in the US and other countries that reward people who exchange their old batteries for new ones.



The tyres are probably the first used auto parts that come into your mind when you think of recycling components from your automobile. Well, it is not only considered as some recyclable. As a matter of fact, they are big problems in waste production simply because they occupy a lot of space in landfills and they are not biodegradable. Moreover, if you still see or know some people who burn tyres, do your absolute best to try and stop them. By burning these, they produce extremely toxic chemicals that will harm our atmosphere. If you choose to recycle them, they could easily be used for rubberised asphalt for highways, fuel, or artificial playground turf.



Think dead engines are simply caput and useless? Well think again. You can take them to authorised and reputable recyclers; and with the right equipment and expertise, they can easily bring those engines back to life once again. You’ll not only help protect the environment from the harmful materials from the alternators or radiators; but you’ll also be able to help those car owners who are in need of cheap auto spares like used transmissions and engines.
In conclusion, these are not the only auto parts you can choose to recycle. We simply have chosen these for they are the parts that are really needed to be disposed of and recycled accordingly.
Now if you are a car owner who wants to take part in auto recycling, let us, Advance Auto Parts help you out. You have three options: (1) by simply purchasing from our wide range of refurbished used car parts, you are already patronising and taking part in recycling. (2) you may let us buy your car and wreck it so that we could properly recycle or dispose those components that contain toxic materials; or (3) if you have replaced a part like an oil filter or tyre, simply hand it over to us so we could put it into its rightful place.
Want to learn more about auto parts recycling? Give us a call and our friendly staff will be more than happy to tell you more about it.