USED AUTO PARTS: Can I Really Trust Them?

With the hundreds or thousands of suppliers of auto parts Australia has, sometimes it just makes the whole car part buying process a little more complicated. And in the two long decades that we have been in the used car parts providers and auto parts recyclers Melbourne industry, there’s a very common question that clients have always been asking us ‘till this very day: Can we really trust used auto parts?

So before you make a face and be more skeptical about it, hear us out first. Not that we want you to simply take our word for it; we just want you to be more open about it first and really think about why buying used parts isn’t as bad as some people think.

Most definitely, the answer we always give to that repeated question is a resounding YES! Aside from the known fact that buying 2nd hand, like-new, and used car parts will save you a reasonable amount of money, here are some other reasons why you could be confident about buying used auto parts:


 Yes, these parts are obtained from cars that have been victims of road crashes and natural calamities, poor maintenance, or simply aging. But that doesn’t mean the car parts sold to you are those that have really ‘suffered’. Every part of each car recycled goes through a rigorous inspection. Expert mechanics will determine whether the car part have any signs of corrosion, wear, and damage. It wouldn’t be included in the stock pile of parts for sale if we know it wouldn’t do good to your cars.

  • 90% OEM PARTS

 There’s a slim chance that owners would include specialised or custom or MOD parts to be taken along with their old and damaged cars. Most likely, all the parts we obtain from the cars are of Original Equipment Manufacturer quality. The good thing about that? Well you wouldn’t really need to doubt if it’ll have a superior fit on your car.


Not only do these auto parts go through a detailed and thorough inspection. Before actually including it in the inventory of car parts for sale, it is fixed, tweaked, and refurbished to be really sale-worthy. Afterwhich, it is tested many times to make sure it perform as good as a brand new car part. Simply put, we will never sell these parts if we wouldn’t be using them for our own vehicles.


Almost if not all auto recycling companies have the ultimate mission to protect and conserve the environment. And in order to encourage more people to take part (in their own little ways) in this endeavor, these companies should be able to demonstrate clearly the benefits of car recycling. What we’re saying is, they will not be able to inspire more people if they will sell poor quality used car parts, right? They wouldn’t see that this is truly helping other car owners and car manufacturing companies. Just by seeing that used auto parts are as good as brand new parts, will make them realise the whole point of auto recycling.

After all these, what we’d like you to really know is that your doubts and hesitations shouldn’t really be because of the quality of the used car parts; it should be in the company or the seller. In other words, you will be able to completely trust the used car part you’re buying if you go with a reputable and trustworthy Aussie auto parts supplier.

In closing, we want to leave you with a final thought: That small amount of money you will use to buy used auto parts will surely go a long way if you’ll be able to choose an auto recycling company that truly cares for both the environment and your welfare. You’re not only getting yourself a quality auto part but you’re also patronising and supporting the automotive recycling industry.