Which Auto Part Should I Choose: STEEL RIMS or ALUMINUM RIMS?

If we were to ask a number or car owners such as yourself with this question: “If you would be given a chance to upgrade a part of your exterior (or body) auto parts for free, what would it be?” Chances are the most common answer we’ll get is your wheels or rims, right? Not everyone is simply contented with their car’s stock wheels, but purchasing 4 could actually put a hole in your pockets. So replacing your current rims for free? That would surely be a treat!

Going back to reality, if in case you do have plans on replacing your rims, and you have actually saved up some money for it already, do you already know which kind to buy? Spending quite a good amount of money for wheels is no joke; so it’s always best to be 101% sure of what you’re going to choose.

Don’t worry, when it comes to helping you choose which car parts to buy, Advance Auto Parts is the expert! As leading Aussie auto parts recyclers and suppliers for more than two decades, we are here to give you the pros and cons of the two most commonly bought custom rims in the market today: STEEL and ALUMINUM. We’ll be able to help you arrive at a decision by giving you their differences in terms of design and finish, durability, maintenance considerations, and of course, cost.



These are sometimes also referred to as alloy wheels. They are a combination of aluminum and nickel alloy. They are now a standard on most of the cars we use today because of their cosmetic and performance advantages. On the aesthetic side, aluminum alloy can be cast and worked on to produce many designs. Thus, they have a wider variety of designs and options. They’ve got more opportunities for customisation as they could be polished, painted, machined, powder-coated, chromed, and bare polished.

Alloy wheels are definitely lighter than steel. Thus, performance-wise, you could say that your car will get more agile performance and better acceleration. They are much more able to disperse heat away from the brake components.

However, when it comes to durability, some may say you might get disappointed with them. Aluminum rims easily bend on road and curb impacts. Plus, since they’re made from lighter material/s, they are more prone to cosmetic damage (e.g. curb scrapes, acid cleaners, saltwater corrosion, and the like).



Steel rims are made from an alloy of carbon and iron. They are much heavier than aluminum rims. And so basically, if you put steel wheels on your car, you might not get used to them at first because it’s as if you’re driving a big truck or tank instead of a normal car. They will dampen your acceleration, agility, and even sometimes fuel efficiency. In addition, they aren’t really recommended for summer performance use; aluminum rims are. But they’re great for winter.

Because they’re made from heavier and stronger material, they’re generally more durable. Cracking them easily would be impossible and bending them would require a tremendous amount of force. As they aren’t as pliable as alloy wheels, steel rims come in fewer spoke options.

Another good thing about steel rims is that they’re not really that susceptible to cosmetic damage. They’re so easy to maintain. The big plus? They’re a lot less expensive than the aluminum wheels.



As your trusted used car parts Melbourne company, we say that choosing from these two would actually depend on your needs, driving routine and habits, lifestyle, and budget. As with choosing from any kind of expensive and cheap auto spares, all have their own pros and cons. So go with the one that’ll fit you and your car best:

Get aluminum rims if you have more money to spare. These are best if you’re looking for flexibility – as they can be used well in urban, rural, and some off-road driving. They’re also for you if you’re the kind of car owner who prioritises MOD-ing; one who seeks for more design and customisation options. If you’re the one who prefers to use performance tyres and one who has a knack for custom and show vehicles, choosing alloy wheels is a good decision.

Now if you’re more of the frugal and practical car owner who prefers affordability and durability over design and customisation, opt for steel wheels. They are also best if your vehicle is more often used for business/work, recreational off-road driving, and travel in heavy snow or near the beach.

Finally decided on which kind of rims you’d get? Then don’t look no further from other physical and online auto parts shops, go straight to Advance Auto Parts. Whether steel or aluminum, we have got the rims you need! And the best part is? All of the wheels and other used car parts we sell are of top quality and the lowest of prices. Call us now!