Car Accessories That You Didn’t Know Existed

We’re pretty sure all car lovers and enthusiasts would agree when we say that working on our precious rides is indeed a fun and enriching experience. It’s simply amazing how much ingenuity is generated while we are in the process of fixing, upgrading, and modifying our beloved cars. We are constantly in search of solutions to make our cars faster, better, stronger, and more convenient. And most of the time, we end up telling ourselves, “Why isn’t there a car tool, auto part, or accessory that can do this?”
Well on that note, being your trusted Aussie auto parts suppliers and online auto parts store, we are here to bring some good news. We’d like to share with you some of the car products we have come across that we particularly like because they are the perfect solutions to car owners’ most common wishes…



If you want to successfully and easily prevent your tyres from developing flat spots during storage, then this is a great product for you to buy. Those annoying flat spots result in less smooth driving and shorter tyre lifespan. So this car accessory helps protect your tyre investment.
They are usually made of coated high-density polystyrene and won’t slide on the garage floor when you drive onto them. One your tyres are set in the FlatStoppers, they settle into the pad’s concave depression. More of the bottom portion are is fully supported. The weight of the car is dispersed more evenly on the tyre and consequently, they help prevent flattening.

In-car WiFi System


Forget about sharing your mobile data to your friends and family because this product is  now available in the market! Now who wouldn’t want to have a WiFi system in their cars? So don’t worry if your car isn’t as modern as the ones you can buy with built-in WiFi system. Simply buy a component like this, and you’ll soon be sharing a stronger and more stable internet connection with your passengers.

On-board Battery Charger


If you have a car that isn’t really used and driven most of the time, this tool would really be of great help to you. With this charger, you need not take note and try to remember when you last charged your battery. All you need to do is mount this small unit in your engine compartment and plug it into an extension cord. When you want to take your car out for a drive, simply unplug it then you’re good to go.
In addition to the conveniences it’ll bring, this charger unit is simply healthier for your battery. It will keep it in perfect condition and make it last longer. And, we almost forgot to tell you that this one is totally automatic. It switches on when your battery drops even just one volt and it switches itself back off when the battery is fully charged.

All Connected Car Adapter


If you own a car that’s built during the late 90s, do you sometimes envy those modern cars that have built-in connectivity features? Well you can put a stop to that jealousy now because this car accessory can just be your very savior. With this car adapter, you can now enjoy connectivity car features you never would have thought to be possible with your not-so-high tech car. This one connects to your car’s onboard diagnostic port. And in doing so, it can already take the information collected from your car and then spits it back out in easy-to-understand language.
Simply put, you’ll experience no more mechanic mysticism and lies. For example, if you get into an accident, this adapter automatically contacts the authorities, insurance company, dealership, or whoever you tell it to. It can also act as a driving coach to help you practice efficient, safe, and fuel-saving driving habits. It’s indeed a pretty nifty gadget that could easily turn your car into a smarter and more modern one.

All-in-One Battery Jumpstarter and Tyre Inflater


With this tool, you can now stop all the worrying about dead batteries and flat tyres in the middle of nowhere. This car tool can be packed up with over 500 amps of continuous power so you can get your car, ute, or SUV back in service. Not only that, with its built-in 120-psi air compressor, you can now inflate your tyres simply anywhere. And don’t you ever worry about doing that at night or in dark places as it has a powerful LED that helps illuminate any kind of dark space. And another one for your convenience, is that this product comes with its own charger that lets you recharge from any standard household extension cord.

In-car Refrigerator


What are cars for if you wouldn’t use them for road trips, right? Furthermore, what are road trips without cold beverages? Well, as an answer to both, many car manufacturers today like Honda, Audi, and Hyundai now put built-in coolers, refrigerators, or freezers in some of their vehicles. With this absolutely cool add-on, you don’t have to keep buying ice, see your cooler slide around, or even get out of your car just to get a cool drink inside the cooler placed in your trunk. Not only are these in-car coolers great for roadtrips but they are also indeed lifesavers for mums who bought perishable items from the grocery but needs to go some place else first; who has a kid who can’t travel without chocolates; who needs to store up pre-pumped breastmilk without having to worry of spoilage; and a whole lot more!
Almost all the modern cars sold in the market today each have their own cool and useful features. You just really have to choose one that suits your needs, budget, and lifestyle. But if any case that you still want to hold onto your not-so-new car, there’s no need to fret because you can always buy these add-ons to make your ride keep up with the latest car parts and accessories that are peripherals for your driving safety, convenience, connectivity, entertainment, and performance.
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