Used Engine Installation Tips and Procedures

We all know that not all people are gifted with automotive mechanical skills. In the same way, not all car owners have the knack for fixing and maintaining their cars all on their own. But if you are that kind of person who simply likes to build cars from scratch, then you’ll find this article interesting, and hopefully really useful.
When you buy beat up used cars and then start on a big project of restoring them with quality used automobile parts online, one of the most important things you have to learn is how to handle a used engine. It’s more complicated and difficult than you think. Others even think looking for a real quality used engineis much harder than finding a secondhand car – simply because most of the time when the engine is on the test bench, it could pass with flying colors. But when you actually install it in your car, that’s when the real issues start to appear.
Advance Auto Parts has been a trusted Aussie auto parts provider and auto parts recycler for two long decades. Because of that, we truly understand how buying a used engine is indeed a smart decision for car enthusiasts like you. Apart from its attractively low price, it is also the most reasonable thing to do if you say you’re restoring an old beat-up car. And so even though we always guarantee our clients with the best quality auto parts, you as the buyer should also learn about everything there is to know about installing a used engine. It is but a must if you are determined to get the most out of your purchase and make that engine rack up all the miles.
So without further ado, our team of used car parts experts has come up with a list pretty simple and easy-to-follow tips so you could successfully install that used engine in your car:

Before you even attempt to install and start the engine…


Here are some of the things that you need not forget before installing a used engine in your ride:
  • Inspect the engine thoroughly before even attempting to buy it. Preferably, compare it side-by-side with your previous engine so you are 101% they’re exactly the same.
  • Gauge the condition of the used engine by looking it over for signs of oil leakage. Minor leaks can be normal only for engines that originally came from cars from the 60s and 70s.
  • If upon inspection you didn’t see any major issue but have found some damaged components like worn oil pans or timing covers, just swap the components with your old engine’s.
  • It is never advised to install a replacement engine with damaged parts. You might just end up spending your money for nothing ‘cos it’ll more likely fail prematurely.
  • If the miles on the engine’s timing belt or chain are over factory specification, make sure to replace the timing components. You’ll get much bigger headaches when you install an engine with worn-out timing components.
  • Inspect all gaskets for bolt-on accessories and replace those that are leaking or look brittle.


Guidelines and Steps to Install a Used Engine…


  1. Flush your cooling system first so that all the leftover debris from the previous engine is removed.
  2. Replace your oil strainer and pick up screen.
  3. Change the oil pan gasket and rear main seal.
  4. Drain clean and fill all the engine oils to recommended levels.
  5. Replace your oil filters.
  6. At the time of installation, the timing belts/chains, spark plugs, thermostat, and seals should also be replaced. Make sure to take note when you install these new components as they also are part of your routine maintenance for the new engine you’ll install.
  7. Check if the engine has any water hoses or vacuum lines that also need to be replaced.
  8. Before you start the engine for testing, prime the oil system to check if you have enough oil pressure.
  9. During installation, it is also important that you check the proper operation of the cooling and electrical system. As putting in a new engine can affect those systems.
  10. Also replace your valve cover gasket as needed.
  11. Then install new belts and hoses as well.
  12. You may also want to run a compression test on the newly installed engine. This will help you gauge how farther long would that used engine would last.


By following all these simple tips and procedures, you are more likely to enjoy that used engine you have just bought; and you can truly say that you have gotten the most ban for your buck. But if you want to be really sure to get a good buy, get a used engine or even other components from Advance Auto Parts. We are a reputable used car parts Melbourne company. Many clients have been delighted because of the top quality yet cheap auto parts online they have purchased from us. So what are you waiting for? Check out our online auto parts catalog or simply speak with our friendly operators by calling this number: 0476 444 222.