When to Get Rid of a Car & When to Repair It?

All car owners – rich and not-so-rich, car enthusiast or mechanically clueless, veteran or newbie, would all have to go through a common dreaded situation: when that car you have once showed-off, once cared for, and once adored, is now OLD. Years have already passed and you now can’t deny the fact that you are noticing more and more issues with that car.

Should you now be in that situation, we’re sure all of you will agree that it is indeed a very challenging and confusing crossroads. ‘Cos most probably, there are only two things that go on and on in your mind: Should I fix it? Should I get rid of it? These questions repeat themselves over and over, and it’s already a bit too stressful to think about. And because we’re talking about that car you have really loved once, you are so torn.

For the longest time that we have been providing quality yet cheap auto sparesand components as well as auto recycling services, this has always been the concern of most of the clients that we have talked to and dealt with. Having said that, as the one of the most reputable auto parts recyclers and leading providers of second hand car parts Melbourne has had for decades, we are here to help you figure out which is the best road for you to take. Here’s a quick guide for you to easily determine whether it’s now time to get rid of your car or just have it repaired:

Now is the time to repair it when…


-your car is still technically in a good running condition.


Albeit all the interior, exterior, or engine issues your car experiences once in awhile, you are still able to use whenever you want to. It still gets you to Point A to Point B, without getting hurt. Your car isn’t flood- or storm-damaged and it generally has a clean history to it. So if you honestly feel that it can still serve you for about 2-3 years more, then it’s probably best if you can be frugal enough to fix its issues first, before they actually get really serious.

-you are in a good financial state.


If money isn’t really an issue for you, and you are determined to hold on to your car that has so much sentimental value on it, then you shouldn’t be stressed about this ‘crossroads’ in the first place. This wouldn’t simply be a problem or burden if you would invest more time and spend more money on that car you really love and adore. Besides, if in case you decide to sell it in the future, you’ll somehow get that money back by selling at the price you really want (considering your repair, mod, or restoration expenses).

-you see there’s still a strong demand for the kind of car you have.


If you actually do know die-hard car lovers or vintage car collectors or simply people who are still interested in that brand and model of car that you have, then you have greater chances of selling it in a good price in the future. Hence, even if you don’t let go of it and just decide to fix all its issues and now, you wouldn’t really have a hard time selling it privately in the future.

-you plan on handing it down to the next generation.


Most if not all of the car owners that choose to hold on to their older cars, normally think of handing it down to their sons, siblings, or even grandsons instead of selling or getting of it. So, if this has always been your goal, then you shouldn’t stress yourself out with this demise. But rather, go ahead and do your best to repair it – so that the next family member who’ll use it will be able to enjoy and memories with it as much as you did.

Now is the time to get rid of it when…


-you don’t have the time and funds to repair all its issues.


This actually should be a no-brainer. If your financial situation won’t allow you or you simply have no desire to shell out more money to have all your car’s problems repaired completely, then it’s obvious that you need to get rid of it already. In addition, if you’re in a situation like: you’re going out of the country for a long time or moving to another state, then you simply have no choice but to let it go already instead of letting it rot somewhere. In situations like these when you need to rush-dispose a vehicle and you’ve got no time in your hands to sell it privately, there’s no need to panic as there are car wreckers and recyclers who would be more than willing to take your car regardless of its issues.

-you think your car is just simply irredeemable.


If your vehicle is broke-down more often than used for years now; if it has been a victim of a road accident or natural calamity; and if you are now somewhat ashamed to drive it around town, then these are the signs that you have to let go of it sooner than later. Another way to tell if your car is just serious messed up is if your engine and transmission badly need an overhaul. One clear sign is when your trusted mechanic has already waived the white flag on your vehicle – either he isn’t confident on getting it fixed or he simply thinks it’s just smart for you to dispose it than fix it.

-your computation of repair expenses will cost a fortune.


Don’t be afraid to do the math. While knowing at the back of your head the amount that you’re willing to shell out (if ever) you decide to fix it, compute the total costs of the engine repairs, cosmetic fixes, or even the upgrades your car truly needs. If the total amount exceeds your ‘set budget’, then don’t waste your time on thinking. If your finances will only allow you to fix just some of your car’s issues, then you are technically wasting money as it’s not really going to repair the vehicle completely.

-you reckon no one will want to buy or even use that car for free.


While it’s true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, sometimes, there are just cases wherein your trash is going to be ‘just trash’ for someone else. Sadly, many owners of old cars fall into this trap. They love their car too much that even if the time comes when they’re already using a newer car, they simply can’t let it go of it – telling themselves that they might as well hand it over to their sons or grandsons. But most of the time, the new generations don’t want it. Thus, the old cars end up rusting and rotting in their premises. And so, if your gut is now telling you that no one will want your old ride, then you just have to face it. Decide to have it disposed rather leaving it sad inside some garage.

Now you are probably thinking that all these is a lot to take in before you can actually get yourself to come up with a decision. While it’s true that you really have to assess everything – mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially, as your trusted Aussie auto parts provider, we think that it shouldn’t be as difficult. As anyone could give you advice or tips to know whether it’s time for you fix your car or just get rid of it, the truth of the matter is, there’s only one key that’ll lead you to the right door – and that’s YOU. If you are completely honest about your car’s true current condition as you are also truthful about your present situation, then knowing what to do about it should come off just naturally. What we’re saying is, you have to trust your instinct. If you feel it’s not worthy to be fixed, then accept and don’t fight any longer. The sooner you get yourself to make that decision, the better.

Now whatever your heart and mind leads you to, we, Advance Auto Parts, is here to help you. Out of all the car parts shops and auto parts online Australia has, we are the ones who can help you either way – whether you decide to get rid of it or fix it. Should you want to dispose it, we are ready to buy your car in its current state, so that we could reuse and recycle all of its good used car parts. And second, if you want to repair it, then we could help you by providing you with top quality auto parts at super budget-friendly prices. So, want to know more about our services and how are we one of the leading used car parts Melbournecompanies? Then dial this 0476 444 111 now and speak with our friendly staff. We’d be more than glad to help you out.