Top 3 Considerations When Selecting a Car Seat for your Vehicle

In Melbourne Victoria, it is simply a must that you have a car restraint or booster seat if you are both a car owner and a parent. According to Victoria’s safety and road rules, children under 4 years of age must only travel in the backseat of the vehicle. Plus, he or she must be in either a rear or front facing child restraint seat. Children from 4 to 7 years old must also travel in child restraint with a built-in harness or a booster seat.

But gladly, most parents all over the world are out to ensure their children’s safety when traveling. Whether or not their country has these kinds of laws, more and more parents are out in the physical and online market to get one for their little munchkins.

However, shopping for your child’s very first car seat isn’t as simple as looking to buy auto parts online or offline. With all the brands, kinds, colors, and styles available in the market, something as supposedly simple could turn out more complicated, challenging, and overwhelming. But of course, since your child’s travel safety is on the line here, you simply have no choice but to take on such challenge.

Now as your leading supplier of quality yet auto parts Melbourne and used car parts Melbourne, we ought to make that task a little easier for you. We have been in the Aussie auto parts business for more than two decades now. And we have seen car seats evolve to the more intricately-designed to the most complicated ones they are now. With that, we’d like to help you by providing you with the three most important things you have to consider when choosing a child’s car seat for your vehicle:



By comfort, we are not referring to the thread count, fabric quality, nor the thickness of the cushion. While we of course understand the need for these things, we ought to stress more on the car seat’s adjustability. For all parents, an uncomfortable child (especially one who still doesn’t speak) can be a nightmare. Well it’s not only stressful; but all the more dangerous – as it is a deadly distraction on the road. Hence, anything that can reduce the likelihood of a complaining child is indeed worth it.

You would have to answer questions like: Are the straps too tight? If so, can they be adjusted? Does it recline? Are they made from soft and smooth materials enough not to harm your baby’s skin? And things like that. All these will have to matter. Because again, you wouldn’t want to have a cranky child at the back of your car while you’re driving.



With all the companies that produce and market car seats, firstly, you’d have to make sure that the one you’re eyeing will meet Australia’s mandatory safety standards. Next is that, car safety experts recommend that parents opt for car seats with a five-point harness. Meaning, it has two waist straps, one strap between the legs, and two shoulder straps. They are deemed as essential and effective because they help distribute the pressure across an infant’s entire torso during an episode of hard stop or sudden turn; thereby, preventing harm and minimising discomfort.

Moreover, you would have to take note of the laws with regards to your child’s age. This will help you know whether you need to purchase a rearward facing, forward facing, or combination type. There are good baby seat models in the market wherein they come with a Latch System – a type of base fastening system that doesn’t require you to use seatbelts.



Choosing an affordable car seat don’t automatically mean it’s less comfortable and more risky. In the same way, choosing the most expensive and feature-packed one doesn’t guarantee zero failures. So what we’re trying to say is, pick out the best one that fits your budget. We don’t want you to go beyond your means just so you could purchase the most popular brand or latest model. Instead, because the market offers an absolutely wide range of car seats to choose from, we want you to be patient and meticulous in choosing. Pick one that both has a reasonable price (not too low and not too high) AND has all the essential safety and comfort features.

Here are some additional tips to help you find the one that’ll give you most value for your money:

  • Instead of looking at the brand, check out what type of materials were used for the car seat.
  • Remember that babies grow quickly. So you may also choose a baby seat that can grow with your child. The more it can be adjusted, the more than it can fit your child even as he or she grows in size. By investing in this kind, you won’t have to purchase a car seat every six months or so.
  • In the same way that the car seat must fit in what type of car you have, you must also consider its portability. Although many think that this is a semi-permanent thing in the back of your car as long as your children and ‘kids’, it actually isn’t. You also have to think about those occasions wherein other family members, relatives, and mates, would have to ride at the back of your car. So you’d also want a baby seat that will be easy to remove and stow in the trunk.
  • Make some time in researching the brand and type of car seat you’re about to buy. Never ever buy on an impulse simply because you like how it looks on your car, has more ‘cool’ and ‘fun’ features, or because it’s on sale.

Shopping for the very thing that would keep your child/ren safe inside your car shouldn’t really be chore, right? In fact, as it should be on your priority, you should feel more enthusiastic about it. Now with all these tips we’ve provided you with, this process could be a lot less confusing.

If you’re simply looking to buy a car seat that’s budget-friendly and of top quality, our team of auto parts recyclers are here to help! We have been in the auto spare parts Melbourne industry for more than two decades now. Just tell our friendly operators exactly what kind of car seat you need and we’ll gladly find one for you. We also sell quality seat belts, seat covers, and other car parts and accessories – so consider visiting us soon!